Angel & Sean

I've noticed something about this metropolitan area I live in; there isn't a lot of land.  It seems like you have to drive 30 minutes out to see an open field EXCEPT that NC State has quite a few farm fields for student training.  And it is in one of these fields that I was able to spend some time with Sean and Angel, soon-to-be married folk.    

These two have lots in common including a love for the land.  Which is why it was fitting for us to take pictures at the Agroecology Education Farm at NC State.  

They were such troopers since I dragged them out at dawn in the frigid cold of the morning.  The pictures don't show their shivers though.  I guess I should invest in a warming blanket for times like these.  

But the beauty of this place, besides its visible beauty, is the time that Angel and Sean have spent here throughout their relationship.  The moments shared as they have grown to know and love each other more. Those are the sweet things I like.

Our next stop: Waffle House.

What? Say what?

Yes.  Waffle House is where their sentiment is at.  They had their first date there. They got engaged there.  Heck, they might even get WH to cater their wedding.  But probably not.  Nevertheless, it is only fitting to capture them in special places.

And this ring. Custom designed by Sean and Angel's cousin.  So perfect.

Its not hard to see when people truly love each other. Thanks for letting me into your space and for taking a chance on me.  

Looking forward to seeing the farm these two start one day.