Let's Get Acquainted

I used to be a business professional.  I had a fancy job and wore fancy pencil skirts to present fancy things in board meetings.  Now, if I have pants on by 10am, I consider myself #winning.  

I am a wife and mother.  I have two beautiful children (4 & 2).  My day-to-day life consists of playing at the park, telling my kids to "use their words", and wiping runny noses (among other things).  I often find myself thinking "this is my life now"... but the beautiful reality is that it is those two children that have taught me everything I need to know.  

I am not someone who knows current events, where hipsters are eating, or what stock is up or down, but one thing i do know about; mamas and babies.  When you live the life of mama and baby for 4 years straight, you kind of become an expert.  So once I realized that I had a wealth of knowledge, I decided it was about time to get this doula thing on the road.  

Also- I take pictures.  

Hire me for that too.

—Stephanie Capps


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My Births

My husband and I had our first child 15 months after we married.  I was set on natural, unmedicated childbirth in a birthing center. After about 50 hours of labor, I transferred to a hospital, got an epidural and pit, slept for 3 hours then woke up and pushed a baby out.  This felt like a defeat to me.  Like I set out to achieve a goal and I failed.  So when it came time to have the second child, you can guess what my biggest fear was; history repeating itself.  All my midwives and mom friends said "the second time around is much faster, don't worry".  Well, the second time was faster, but not compared to my friend's four hour births.  I labored for about 18 hours with my daughter and gave birth at Baby & Co. birthing center.  

I  had two incredible, but very different births.  My experience at the hospital exceeded my expectations and helped me to break the hospital stereotypes I had created in my head. I think that my personal experience has opened my eyes to the beauty in all births and how important it is to be supported throughout the process.