"One of the most postivite developments in maternity care is the addition of the birth doula, who guides and supports women and their partners continuously through labor and birth. The doula is on call for you, arrives at your home or the hospital when you need her, and remains with you continuously, with few or no breaks, until after the baby is born. The doula is trained and experienced in providing emotional support, physical comfort, and nonclinical advice. She draws her knowledge and experience as she reassures, encourages, comforts, and empathizes with the mother. She advises the partner about how to help, suggesting when to use particular positions, the bath or shower, and specific comfort measures..." 

excerpt from The Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin

You May Benefit from a Doula If:

  • you are an expecting mother

  • you are an expecting father

  • you are having your first child

  • you have already have a child

  • you are having a hospital birth

  • you are having an out of hospital birth

  • you are planning an epidural

  • you are planning a c-section

  • you are planning an unmedicated birth

  • you have no plan