Just Getting Started

You know the phrase "get the ball rolling"? Well, that is what I am doing here.  My daughter is One, I am occasionally getting a full night's rest, and I am yearning to do more, a creative outlet if you will.  So, here is a ball.  Let it roll.  

The Putnam Family.  

My dear friend Lauren and her family are moving closer to their hometown next week and I was able to capture a few family photos at their house.   

Now, if you have ever moved, you know that home=memories.  Lauren & Chase were newlyweds in this house, they brought home both their girls in this house, watched them grow and all the things.  

AND, who doesn't love a toddler with a finger in their nose?  KIDS!  Capturing all that they are is just perfection.  

Since I am a mom, I am drawn to seeing mom's love on their kids.  You can see how much Lauren loves her girls.  And I love that about her.  And will miss it for sure.  


Love this friend.  Love her family.  Wish she didn't have to go, but so happy for the new adventure for her family!