How to Afford a Birth Photographer

As we have established in my previous post, 7 Reasons Why Birth Photography is Expensive and Should Be, birth photography is EXPENSIVE! With fees from $600-$1200, on top of actual birth expenses, labs, and newborn accessories, birth photography can really be a luxury.

Firstly, I want to say that I did not have a birth photographer at either of my births. At the time, it wasn’t very popular, and we were on a tight budget. But to this day, it is one of my deepest regrets. Yes, we do have a few photos (taken by my husband), but nothing that tells a story. As you can see in the photos, they are low-res, poor quality and blurry! Looking back, I know we could have figured out a way to afford it.

In spite of anyone’s socioeconomic status, we usually find ways to enjoy vacations or buy the latest technology. These things come with planning and budgeting. And I think that if you really want the luxury of a birth photographer, there are a few tips that might help you afford it!

Tip #1. Budget Budget Budget.

Let’s say that your birth photography fee is $1200. With a simple calculator, you can do the math and figure out that it comes down to $30/week. When you think of the things we spend $30 on in one week, it makes things a little simpler. That might mean sacrificing going out to eat, or changing your coffee shop habits, but $30/week is doable! Your birth photographer might even let you pay in installments!

Tip #2. Baby Registry!!

Baby registries have changed dramatically since I had my first. We literally had a scanner gun at Target. Now you can register for anything anywhere on the internet…INCLUDING BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY. So add that to your registry and keep the extra frilly things off! That way people have to chose the birth photography or diapers… and birth photography is a lot more fun than things babies poop into.

Tip #3. Bartering

Usually birth photographers are pretty down to earth. We also like to have luxuries like getting our hair cut, having chiropractic care, getting a farmhouse table built and having accounting services. Those seem like random things, but those are all things I have bartered for birth photography. So if you or your spouse has a talent/trade that is desirable, it never hurts to bring it up!


So if birth photography is something you desire, break out your calculator and make it happen! I am happy to chat with you further about ways for you to afford it. I also have a scholarship program available! You can find out more about purposeful giving here!