Happy Birthday Dorothy

This blog post is going to have a lot more text than usual. I have lots of things to say about this beautiful family, home and ONE year old! 

I have known Meghan since college. That used to be insignificant, but now since that was like 10 years ago, it seems a little more of a big deal. We have been close friends for a really long time. 

And now her baby girl is ONE. 


It is a big deal.

And I understand the desire to want to remember such a special celebration. Not just for your child, but for you. As parents, you have experienced the most dramatic change in the past year. Of course the journey will get easier and harder at times, but, by golly, parents should be celebrated for surviving that first year...and keeping their kid alive!

All these amazing details are crafted in a mama's mind. It is all perfect. 


Seriously though...

this house.

Meghan & Jordan have DIY-ed this thing and it is amazing. Her design style and his tool usage are the perfect team. 

This is the way it always looks. Amazing, right? 

yea, you should probably pin her house.

Happy Birthday Dorothy!

Your "aunt" Stephanie was so glad to be able to capture moments from this lovely day!