The Early Arrival of Andi Marie

When you are planning a birthing center birth, your goal is a safe, low risk and on time baby. If some of those factors change, it can mean that it is no longer safe for you to have your baby out of hospital...

Enter Janette. 

3 weeks early.

Low fluid levels.

So after a lot of monitoring and conversations, everyone decided that an induction was necessary for keeping an eye on the baby girl inside and getting her earth side. 

As a mom who was planning to labor at home, and in the comfort of the birthing center, pushing a pole around the hospital was not exactly a part of her plan...

Even still, her motto was 

"we are just going to roll with it"

and that she did.

What you see in the photo above is a Tens Unit. If you are an expecting mom aiming for an unmedicated birth, this is one AMAZING tool for handling labor. For Janette, this is what "got her through labor"

But really, SHE got herself through labor. 

This woman is strong.

It is beautiful to witness the love between two partners. To watch papas guard their mamas. Truly beautiful.


The best reaction to cutting the cord...

Pitocin was no match for this strong mama. Pitocin is the WORST, but it doesn't have to mean the worst. You can still reach some of your birth goals when things don't go as planned. 

But really in the end, this is the goal.