Noah's NC Birth

Although his parents are not from here, now Noah is. And this is a part of his wonderful birth story. As parents, you can try to do everything in your power to prepare and control the life of your child, but in the end, sometimes your children have another plan... and in this case, Noah had a plan that was different than Christine & Eli. 

They labored at home, then at the birthing center for hours upon hours. Christine is a strong and persistent mama, and clearly her son takes after her. He got himself stuck and after a little help from some friends at the hospital, he made a safe vaginal delivery after transfer from Baby & Co. 


The picture on the left is what caused the picture on the right. I know that it is comical now, but in the moment, it was far from funny. I'm sure Christine will never feel the same way about Cherries again.



You are a wonderful man, a loving husband, and now

a lovely father. 

I was in awe of his love and protection over his partner.


Those tears tell a story...

After all of it, I asked Christine if it was worth it...

She didn't hesitate

"Ohhh yea"

I hope that proves a good ending to the story