Emerson's Arrival

Janessa & Rea have a simple love story. Meet, fall in love, get married and have a baby. But of course, we know that in every relationship, things aren't always that easy. All of their steps were more complicated than most, but their love stood strong. That love was so clear through the 24 hours (give or take) of labor they went through to meet their daughter.

I am still in awe of Janessa's strength and feel beyond honored to have been able to walk this journey with them as their doula, and document it as their birth photographer. 

If you've never experienced Suki's herbs, just know that they are the worst, but also, they work!

Above you will see the legs of Rea's sister. She was also part of the team. And I REALLY appreciate her snapping the photo below!

Notice what Janessa is doing in the picture below...EATING! As a doula, I strongly encourage moms to eat during labor. I am so thankful that Baby & Co. is focused on maternal care and understands the importance of moms eating during labor. Hello?? They need energy!

Speaking of Baby & Co., their midwives are amazing!  They use their hands and have experience. I was amazed that Aundrea knew exactly what to do to help Janessa's labor to progress. So much wisdom with these ladies!

By this point in labor, Janessa was exhausted, but she never complained. She never uttered "I can't do this anymore" or "I'm too tired to do this". She just persisted in strength.

Beautiful and amazing strength. 

and she pushed out her baby

The moment that you did it. You accomplished something big.

And the reward is in your arms.


With every couple, I am grateful that they allowed me into their space. This one was especially meaningful to me because it was the same place, same room, where I delivered my daughter. This was also my first birthing center birth fully unmedicated. So to me, the 24 hours with them was, exactly as it should be, a Sacred Space.