Not just babies

When I was younger, I thought that with my degree and experience, I would be working at some non-profit by now. No where in my mind did I think that I would be attempting to run a business from home, but this is my season and it has brought an unexpected surprise. I am guessing that many women feel that when they pop out a few kids, it tends to change their perspective (ME, ME, that is how I feel!). My births led me to the doula life, the doula life led me to the birth photography life, and now the birth photography life has turned into photography. YES, I am trying to do it all. Right now I am thriving on the learning and discovery.

So here is a post that doesn't have ANY BABIES in it.  I know that there is a pregnant lady on my logo. I realize that might be confusing, but it is all evolving. And let me tell you, THIS PHOTO SHOOT was amazing. The joy of meeting new people and being in their life to capture all the beauty... I loved it. 

Look at these beautiful daughters. 

Their mom contacted me about my Spring Session Special ($50 sessions. You can go ahead and book me now). When her girls showed up in these fairy dresses, I was MELTING!

Simply beautiful!

I think most moms understand the importance of capturing memories. It is innate within us. From writing down the cute things out kids to, to taking pictures of everything and nothing. We want to remember it all. 

I wish I could take credit for these dandelion pictures, but it was the cutie on the left. We were telling her to walk faster, turned around, and she had picked that flower up and was about to blow. Children create beauty, I am telling you.

The beauty of this family! I am so thankful that we crossed paths.