"Come on Cooper"

These words echo in my head. "Come on Cooper!" From a quiet lament to a loud howl, Hillary was talking to her baby through the whole birth. "Come on down, buddy"... "Coop, I am getting tired"... "Come out Cooper"... and he did. It just took a little bit longer than we all expected. 

Hillary & Brent are "not from round these parts". Hillary's hometown pride is clear, as she rocks her Colorado shirt for the first of many dips in the tub. 


Many laboring moms find a lot of comfort in the water

Laboring through the night is such a challenge because it usually means that no one gets quality rest. As day broke, and progress was made, the mood shifted a little.

But let's face it, labor is labor.

and after about 15 hours, the endurance starts to fade...

and labor requires all hands on deck...

and things get too intense to bear

and usually you would be about done. 

But for whatever reason, Cooper was not. So mom & dad decided they needed some rest & epidural. 

and rest they got.

So about halfway through Hillary's labor, we got news of the water crisis in Chapel Hill. Complicated? YES! But after a few hours, we finally got some water!

Seriously, this is Hillary's "pushing" face.

I'm serious! She is pushing here!!

The most peaceful pushing face I have ever seen.

and those tattoos... a photographer's dream!

The moment when Hillary touched her baby for the first time.


and He is HERE!

Take a look at that cord!

Cherishing the first moments

The first of a million zillion kisses! 

This is Kacy. She is their doula. The couple wanted to have a lot of support since they did not have family in the area. This is one of many reasons a pregnant woman might benefit from having a doula. So my job on this birth was just the pictures (well, until the millionth hour of labor when Kacy & I were on tag-team mode).

Also, a note about Kacy...she is my BFF <3.